New Audio: Alaska Blue Shares Slow-Burning and Dreamy “Blue Shelter”

Emerging Italian indie duo Alaska Blue — singer/songwriter Elisabeta Giordano and musician Davide Cast — will be releasing their full-length debut, the eight-song Under the weather, an effort that sees the duo establishing a slow-burning, lightly produced and sparse take on pop centered around Giordano’s warm and soulful vocals.

According to the Italian duo, Under the weather‘s latest single, the slow-burning, Francesco Roncalli-proudced “Blue Shelter” is one of the most produced songs on their soon-to-be released album with the song being built around the harmonizing around the main melodic vocal line paired with delay and reverb pedaled bluesy guitar lines, atmospheric synths, and gently padded percussion. While serving as a silky and dreamy base for Giordano’s effortlessly soulful delivery, the end result is a dreamy song full of aching longing

The duo explain that “Blue Shelter” is “about the struggle of expressing emotions and the inability to explain exactly what we feel inside. That is what inevitably makes the protagonist of the song feel misunderstood and alone.”