New Audio: Brooklyn’s illectronic Shares a Hypnotic, Soulful Banger

Oren Cohen, best known as illlectronic is an emerging Brooklyn-based electronic music artist, producer and founder of Vibal Records. The Brooklyn-based artist and producer can trace the origins of his music career to his teenaged years: As a teen, illectronic and his friends would spend countless hours smoking and immersed in hip-hop and EDM with the likes of Jonathan Peters, Eric Prydz, Wu-Tang Clan, and Nas emerging as major influences.

A troubled home life and a series of bad luck, including getting struck by a car as a pedestrian, struggling with addiction and even mental health issues made things difficult; but he persisted, prolifically producing beats and developing the sound and approach that would become his signature style. Additionally, the Brooklyn-based producer and artist can also dance, act, write and sing — in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Not surprising for a Brooklyn boy, huh?

His personal experiences influence and inform his work, and as result, his music is infused with an emotional depth that he feels separates him from a crowded field. “My best friend Dan calls me a prophet . . . lol,” the Brooklyn-based producer writes. “I have no idea what I’m doing actually I just have the drive and ambition to be like my lifelong idols” He adds “I want my audiences to not only see, but feel God’s light when they hear my music.

illectronic’s latest single “Victory” is a hypnotic and soulful banger centered around skittering and propulsive beats, euphoria-inducing hooks and a gently morphing song structure. Sonically, the track brings Octo Octa to mind, with the song being both club and lounge friendly.

illectronic Is Emerging As One Of Electronic Music’s Most Vital Voices The Brooklyn-based artist and founder of Vibal Records transformed his incredible life experiences into some of the most compelling EDM you will hear. It only takes a few bars to realize that illectronic is no ordinary producer. His music contains layers of depth and emotion that only the most authentic musicians are capable of achieving. The result is an irresistible mix of house and techno, all inspired by his amazing life.