New Audio: Brooklyn’s Wetware Releases a Stark and Menacing New Single

Formed back in 2015, the Brooklyn-based industrial electronica outfit Wetware— Roxy Farman and Matt Morandi — quickly developed a reputation for odd and unpredictable live shows, which they further established with the release of their full-length debut, 2018’s Automatic Drawing. Slated for a June 26, 2020 release through Dais Records, the Brooklyn-based duo’s forthcoming sophomore album, the 11 track Flail reportedly captures disorientating confusion with a concentrated, nosier sound that pushes and pulls against electronic textures paired with frenetically delivered vocals. The end result is material that’s wild and unhinged sonic collage-like dirges.

“Shiny Face,” Flail‘s latest single is a sparse yet menacing track centered around droning synths, relentless clang and clatter and shouted vocals. And while drawing heavily from both industrial electronica and No Wave, the track manages to evoke the anxious unease and paranoia of our contemporary moment, a moment in which there’s no solutions, no answers and no ideas in the face of our near annihilation.