New Audio: Bulgarian-born Berlin-based Producer Impérieux Releases a Sensuous and Percussive Banger

Impériuex is a mysterious Turkish-Bulgarian, Berlin-based electronic music artist and producer, who developed and honed a sound influenced by both his Turkish roots and by the Sofia underground electronic music scene.

Last year, the mysterious and emerging Bulgarian-born, Berlin-based began working on his latest EP Modus Operandi in Bulgaria and continued working on the EP as he relocated to Berlin. As Impérieux explains in press notes, his relocation and adjustment to life in Berlin was a melancholic time: dealing with the prerequisite culture shock and new language would be challenging for most people — before a pandemic that has changed just about everything. Partially inspired by his feelings of isolation and alienation, and Murukami’s novels, Modus Operandi‘s material is dark, brooding, surreal and at times simplistic.

The EP’s latest single “Terra Incognito” is a percussive and sensual bit of deep house, centered around shimmering hi-hats, glitchy synths, enormous brass and a propulsive, motorik groove that will recall Between Two Selves-era Octo Octa — but while possessing a gentle urgency that will make you move your body.