New Audio: Canada’s Alex Le Play Releases a Brooding Meditation on Strength and Resilience

French-Lebanese, Canadian-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alex Le Play quickly won audiences on both sides of the American-Canadian border with the release of 2019’s Oblique, an album that thematically touches upon feminist empowerment and environmentalism while sonically featuring hypnotic melodies, global percussion, hazy ballads and carnal rock ‘n’ roll.

Late last year, Le Play released her sophomore album Still Life. Inspired by the solitude, grief, frustration, uncertainty and devastating personal loss of a year of pandemic-related lockdowns and restrictions, the album thematically is a meditation on our vitality, perseverance and drive. Sonically, the album finds Le Play pushing the sound she established on her debut in a much more atmospheric and broodingly melancholy direction.

Still Life‘s latest single “Have I Ever Been This Broken?” is a brooding and atmospheric lament featuring shimmering and reverb-drenched guitars, a propulsive bass line, dramatic drumming and Le Play’s crooning vocals. And while sonically bringing PJ Harvey and Chelsea Wolfe to mind, the track celebrates human resilience, perseverance and our ability to stand strong against even the strongest wind and tide.