New Audio: Comet Gain’s Nihilistic Punk Anthem

I receive an overwhelming amount of email from bands, publicists and labels with links to multimedia files for potential posting on this site — and unsurprisingly, I’m often multi-tasking while going through all the files I receive. Every now and then I stumble upon something that just captures my ear. Currently comprised of founding member David Feck, a.k.a. David Christian (vocals, guitar) along with Rachel Evans (vocals, percussion), M.J. “Woodie” Taylor (drums, production), Anne Laure Guillain (keys, backing vocals, percussion), Ben Phillipson (guitar, vocals), the London-based indie rock act Comet Gain formed back in 1992. Interestingly, despite a series of lineup change, the band’s work has been influenced by post-punk, Northern Soul and New Wave among other things.

The London-based act’s eighth full-length album Fireraisers Forever! was released earlier this year. The album’s latest single, is the stomping, nihilistic anthem — with arguably the best title I’ve come across in some time, “We’re All Fucking Morons.” Centered around an enormous, power chord-driven hook, arpeggiated keys, an angular and forceful rhythm section and a sneering punk rock delivery. Considering how we’ve treated the only home we’ve ever known and how we treat our fellow humans, we really are some destructive fucking morons.