New Audio: Dylan Rafael Shares Another Euphoric Banger

Dylan Rafael is a 23 year-old, New York-based electronic music producer and DJ, who discovered his passion for DJ’ing when he turned 12 — 12 y’all! When he turned 20, he started to learn how to produce his own original material, which eventually led to him playing at Lavo and nebula — with opening slots for Ship WrekDzekoGordo and others. 

Last year, Rafael released two singles which caught my attention:

  • Ancestral Groove,” an infectious, deep house banger that’s simultaneously club and lounge friendly — with a subtle hit of fall. “This is my first release inspired by my love for Tech house and Afrohouse,” the New York-based producer and DJ explains. “Did my absolute best to combine by favorite elements of both genres to create what I found to be a unique style.”
  • Bedouin Whispers,” a deep house-inspired banger centered around tweeter and woofer rattling beats, a chopped up vocal sample, and the New York-based producer’s penchant for euphoria-inducing balearic-house hooks. But there’s a subtle Middle East influence in the vocal and in some of the instrumentation. “My new single ‘Bedouin Whispers’ is my take on tech house blended with my Middle Eastern roots.”

The young, rising New York-based producer begins 2023 with “Cham Cham,” which continues a remarkable run of Balearic-tinged house with elements of tribal house and classic Larry Levan-like house featuring skittering tweeter and woofer rattling beats and subtle Middle Eastern instrumentation paired with euphoria-inducing hooks.