New Audio: Francie Moon’s Sprawling Psych Rock-Inspired New Single

Led by its Montague, NJ-based creative mastermind Melissa Lucciola, Francie Moon can trace its origins back to about 2013. Spending several years traveling across the country in a well-worn van, playing gigs in practically every nook and cranny, bar and coffeeshop across the Continental US, Lucciola has had a prolific amount of releases to her credit, before the release of 2016’s critically applauded self-titled EP, an effort that was heavily backed by the folks at American Songwriter.

Clocking in at a a smidge over 5 minutes and centered around a looping and shimmering guitar line, propulsive drumming, an enormous hook, and Lucciola’s plaintive wailing, “Present Tense,” the first single off Lucciola’s forthcoming follow-up EP New Morning Light is a sprawling and expansive track that sounds indebted to garage rock and 60s psych rock with a you-are-there-in-the room immediacy.

Interestingly, as Lucciola explained to the folks at The Vinyl District, “I wrote ‘Present Tense’ while living in Easton, PA in my friend Josh’s jam room above a nail salon in the heart of the city. There was a huge wall of amps and endless musical toys, lights, art supplies and freedom. Easton is a weird little city that I love with a lot of jazz, art and sketchiness. I became very inspired one week by this wild combination and wrote many songs and this was one of them. I believe this song is a message about the journey of finding yourself and also being patient and loving with yourself when you’re getting back on track with who you are. A lot of people get caught up in the past and in the future, but this is about forgetting all that and just letting yourself be yourself, happy and free in the moment. I think when you finally let yourself feel that peace and freedom of being here now, fear and uncertainty usually wash away and sometimes doors even start to open for the future you were really dreaming of anyway. It’s so good and important to feel good and feel ourselves, and I think we can do that by not judging o the ourselves harshly, packing light when it comes to what we hold on to inside and by paying attention to and following the call of what we really love. Easier said than done sometimes, but at least we’re all figuring life out together, all on the same sea, just different boats.”