New Audio: French Producer Nhyx Shares a Dance Floor Friendly Bop

Nhyx is an emerging Paris-born electronic music producer and songwriter, who grew up loving classical music. But the direction of his life was changed when he was introduced to the 90s house and techno scenes. As a producer and songwriter, the French producer and songwriter approaches his work as a sonic journey in which he meshes elements of lo-fi, indie house, electronica and others — with a strong melodic sensibility.

“Samplus,” the emerging French producer’s latest single is a loving tribute to French touch centered around tweeter and woofer rattling thump, a hypnotic and sinuous, club rocking groove and a disco-influenced string sample-driven break. Simply put, the song is a certified party starter that recalls Stardust‘s “Music Sounds Better With You,” and Discovery-era Daft Punk.