New Audio: Georgia Reed Shares Atmospheric and Anthemic “Haunted”

Georgia Reed is an Aussie-born, London-based singer/songwriter and pop artist, who relocated to the UK back in 2019. After relocating to the UK, Reed spent the next fiver years, making a home for herself and carving a niche as a songwriter with a penchant for dark, moody material paired with cryptic storytelling. Speaking on her decision to relocate, Reed says “’I’d always been influenced by UK bands and artists. It played a really big part for me.”

Reed’s latest single “Haunted” is her first bit of new material since her relocation to the UK, and is the first of four singles slated for release over the next handful of months to build up buzz for her long-awaited debut EP scheduled for release next March. “Haunted” pairs a relentlessly driving rhythm section punctuated with dramatic drumming with phased-out synths and Reed’s smoky and dramatic vocal. The result is a hook driven anthem that sounds as though it could be inspired by Stevie Nicks‘ early 80s output with nods to much more contemporary fare, like Lana Del Rey and others while being rooted in lived-in, deeply personal experience: in this song’s case, that feeling of suddenly having the rug pulled out from under you.

“I wrote ‘Haunted’ many years ago, at a time when my whole life had changed suddenly,” Reed says. “I would play it acoustically at shows, but It wasn’t until we started recording it that I realised it was probably my favourite song I’ve ever written.”