New Audio: Introducing The Breezy and Summery Pop Sound of Westchester County’s Heather LaRose

Back in June, my dear friend and colleague Natalie Hamingson and I were standing on line to get into the Opening Night festivities for this year’s New Music Seminar’s New Music Nights Festival, and although there’s a scheduled time for the night to start, normally there’s some sort of misunderstanding or some sort of mishap that delays things, and as a result you end up waiting on a line much longer than you ever anticipated. But interestingly enough, if there are friendly people waiting with you, you wind up meeting a new friend or a new business contact. And while we were waiting we wound up meeting a young, up-and-coming Westchester County-based singer/songwriter Heather LaRose.

LaRose’s latest single “Beachside” is a breezy, upbeat and seductive, acoustic guitar and synth-based indie pop song that evokes the sensation of being at a club on a summer night and coming across a pretty young thing that you want to seduce and take home — and actually getting to dance with them and put your moves on. And from LaRose’s vocals, she’s quite the seductress at such a young age; the song’s narrator comes off as a very modern women, who knows what she wants, when she wants it and is unafraid to go about getting it.

Interestingly, as LaRose mentions on her SoundCloud page, the song was deeply inspired by a personal experience of having a summer fling while on a Caribbean cruise; what better time to have a summer fling, really? More importantly, the song reveals an infectious, hook-laden sound that I suspect will capture quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere.