New Audio: maticulous Teams Up With Pittsburgh-based emcee Beedie On the Haunting New Single, “The Journey.”

maticulous is a Pittsburgh-born, Brooklyn-based producer, who has worked with the likes of DoomRA the Rugged ManRuste Juxx, and is one half of emcee/production duo Audimatic, with Audible Doctor of the renowned hip-hop collective, Brown Bag AllStars.  As a producer, maticulous has developed a reputation for a production style that will remind many of J. Dilla and Pete Rock, as the Brooklyn-based producer’s work often employs the use of old soul and blues samples to craft an a sound that’s organic, haunting and cinematic. (If you’ve been following JOVM over the past couple of years, you may remember my interview with the Pittsburgh-born, Brooklyn-based producer, around the release of his impressive, The Confluence EP, which wound up on this site’s Best of 2012 list.)

Over the years maticulous has been prolific, as he’s released a couple of instrumental, beat albums but his latest, full-length effort The maticulous LP thematically continues the work of The Confluence EP as maticulous continues to not just proudly rep his hometown but to bridge both cities’ hip-hop scenes and sounds in a seamless fashion. The album’s latest single “The Journey” features up-and-coming Pittsburgh-based emcee Beedie, waxing nostalgic about his own personal journey as a person and an artist over a hauntingly bluesy, guitar sample, punctuated with bursts of cascading  synths, boom bap drums and scratching from DJ Brace. Sonically, the song sounds haunted by the ghosts of both good and bad decisions and of long-gone friends and lovers, and yet its underpinned by a hopeful sense of persistence and resilience, as the song has a “our determination and love of what we do, will push us forward” vibe. Certainly, as a child of East Coast hip-hop, it should remind all hip-hop heads that East Coast hip-hop ain’t dead yet but it also should do a couple of other things as well — including cement maticulous as a producer with a unique vision and aesthetic; and introduce Beedie and Pittsburgh’s hip-hop scene to a national audience that generally only hears artists from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Atlanta, etc.

The Confluence EP, which was released by Fat Beats Recordson September 26th, is the Brooklyn-based (by way of the Pittsburgh, PA area) producer maticulous’s latest album, and the follow up to his debut effort, The maticulous EPConfluence may well may be aptly named as the heart of Pittsburgh lies at the confluence of the Three Rivers – the Allegheny, the Ohio, and the Monongahela Rivers. But the album thematically works as the confluence between Pittsburgh’s hip hop scene and that of New York’s hip hop scene, as maticulous works with some of his old hometown’s hottest and most talented emcees, as well as the confluence between hip hop’s golden age and current underground scene. For some of us jaded New Yorkers who think we’ve seen it all, it says that we should be paying attention to the Steel City.

As a producer, maticulous has worked with DoomRA the Rugged ManRuste Juxx, and is a member of Audimatic, with the fantastic Audible Doctor of the Brown Bag AllStars crew. He’s also released a couple of interesting instrumental projects, all of show his production style. Similar to that of the great J. Dilla, and Pete Rock his has an incredibly organic and cinematic quality.