New Audio: PEACH FUZZ (ft. Samia, Raffaella, Sara l’abiola and Victoria Zaro) Share an Infectious and Flirtatious Bop

PEACH FUZZ is a new indie pop outfit featuring a collection of up-and-coming singer/songwriters including Samia, Raffaella, Sara L’Abriola, and Ryann‘s Victoria Zaro. Their debut EP, the four-song Can Mary Dood the Moon? is slated for a July 22, 2022 release through Psychic Hotline.

Can Mary Dood the Moon?‘s first single, “Hey Dood” is a slickly produced, breezy and flirtatious pop confection centered around a chugging groove and an infectious hook. And at its heart is a universal story — told with a playful, tongue-in-cheek air: the song’s narrator fumbling around and trying to come up with a genuine pick up line to cut through the feeling of being awkward at a party.

You can picture, your even more awkward, shy and goofy teenage self doing the same, and its universality makes the song more true.