New Audio: Reina Subramanian Shares Nostalgic and Comforting “Breathe Slow”

Reina Subramanian is an actor, model and emerging singer/songwriter with a background in musical theater and dance. Influenced by Taylor Swift, Lorde, and Lana Del Rey, Subramanian recently stepped out into the spotlight as a solo artist with her debut single “Breathe Slow.”

Centered around chilly and glistening wsynths, a sinuous bass line and Subramanian’s plaintive and ethereal delivery, and skittering, four-on-the-floor-like beats, “Breathe Slow” is a nostalgic yet uplifting bop that evokes the comfort of a warm blanket on a cold day or a breezy and carefree summer day while sonically bringing JOVM mainstays Blonde Maze, Brothertiger, and Washed Out to mind.

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