New Audio: Satir Monter Shares Expansive and Cinematic “Ligea”

Satir Monter is an Italian-born and-based electronic music producer, who can trace the origins of his career back to when he started as DJ in 1994. As a DJ and as a producer, Saint Monter’s work is influenced by jazz, soul, Afro pop, funk, pop, blues, deep house, techno, electro pop, dance, house, underground house and progressive house among a lengthy list of others. And while his work manages to be indebted to eclectic sources, the Italian-born and-based artist’s sound is rooted in progressive evolution informed — simultaneously — by the past and the future.

His latest single “Ligea” is a club friendly, deep house banger featuring glistening synth arpeggios, skittering tweeter and woofer rattling beats paired with shimmering strings, and euphoric hooks. The end result is a song that brings Octo Octa, De Lux, and others to mind — but with a cinematic quality.