New Audio: Science and The Beat’s Latest Single “Mean Streak” Channels Early Garbage With Their Unique Take On Goth Music

Comprised of multi-instrumentalists Tasha Katrine and Rob Zilla, the goth duo of Science and the Beat have had a lengthy history together, as they’ve been in a number of projects since their teens, including renowned Goth/Industrial project More Machine Than Man, a project that developed a reputation for a live show that employed the use of elaborate lighting and video installations. As the story goes, both Katrine and Zill had started to become conscious of the expectations and rigid identity that often develops with a long-term creative project — and as a result the duo were desperate to ensure that the main mission of anything they did together was that their creativity always had to have free reign.

Produced by Wade Alin, who’s best known for his work with Christ Analogue and The Atomica Project, the duo’s debut effort together, Future Blue reportedly is a change in sonic direction for the duo, and as you’ll hear on the album’s first single, “Mean Streak,” their sound consists of ominously swirling electronics, ragged synth stabs, a minimalist drum beat, Katrine’s seductive, breathily cooed vocals and an incredibly bluesy guitar solo at the song’s halfway mark. Sonically speaking, the song sounds as though it channels self-titled and Version 2.0-era Garbage — while possessing undeniably slick production, the song has a noir-ish tone that evokes seductive and shadowy people, up to bad things that actually happen to feel oh, so right.