New Audio: Starbenders’ Pissed Off, Rebellious, New Single Channels L7 and Joan Jett

The Atlanta-based quartet Starbenders can trace their origins to when founding members, frontwoman and guitarist Kimi Shelter and drummer Katie Heron met at a wilderness therapy camp for troubled teens. The duo of Shelter and Heron immediately shared an instant connection and decided that they needed to be in a band together. Sometime later, Kyle Gordon (guitar) and Aaronious Monk (drums) were recruited to flesh out the project’s sound and the band officially formed in 2013. And over the past two years or so, the Atlanta-based quartet have received attention across the blogosphere for a sound that has been described as drawing from the likes of Iggy Pop, Nirvana and others and for lyrical content that draws from Shelter’s personal experience. As Shelter has explained press notes, “Everything is coming from this persecuted mind frame—this snotty schoolgirl attitude toward life. Which is autobiographical—I was the little punk kid in a small town. A lot of the songs deal with saying or feeling things that put you on the outside, but then embracing that. And there’s also a sexuality to it—a very animalistic, schoolgirl view of sexuality.” Naturally, with that spirit in mind, the material they’ve released possesses a youthfully snotty sense of unbridled passion and rebellion for the sake of rebellion  — and it gives the material a raw, furious sound.

“Paper Beats Rock,” off Starbenders’ “Brake”/”Paper Beats Rock” 7 inch is comprised of howled lyrics, enormous power chords, a persistent and steady rhythm and sounds as though it were channelling L7 covering Joan Jett — and it further cements the band’s reputation for pissed off zero fucks given, power chord-based rock.