New Audio: Stereo Off’s Sleek, Seductive, New Single “Hotel Mirror”

New York-based quintet Stereo Off can trace their origins to when founding member Sebastian (vocals) started the project as a solo recording project back in 2012. The project evolved to its current iteration when Sebastian recruited a number of his friends from the London and NYC music scenes including Niall (bass), Steve (guitar), Darren (drums) and Bridget (keyboards and strings). The newly constituted quintet spent the better part of 2012 and 2013 writing material and building buzz by playing some of the NYC’s renowned venues including The Glasslands, The Knitting Factory, and others before the release of their debut EP, NY 5.

The New York-based quintet’s forthcoming sophomore EP finds the band drawing from a bit more diverse influences including New Wave, 90s indie rock, electronic rock and more, and the EP’s first single “Hotel Mirror” reflects not just a band drawing from deeper influences but a band that’s gone through a decided change of sonic direction, as it incorporates more synths and electronic-based elements; in fact, the song may be the sleekest most sensual song the quintet has released to date, as the song is comprised of angular bass and guitar lines, layers of pulsing synths and ominously swirling electronics paired with Sebastian’s chilly and ironically detached vocals. To my ears it sounds as though the band were listening to Joy Division and Prince albums.

electronic bands and rock influences from classic rock to 90’s indie bands, Stereo Off takes a straight forward approach in their danceable melodies, catchy guitar riffs and analog keyboard accents.