New Audio: Swedish-Born, Melbourne-Based Jonna Martin Shares Soulful Ballad

Jonna Martin is a Swedish-born, Melbourne-based singer/songwriter and producer, who released her debut single “Master of Hearts” earlier this year. Martin’s latest single, the slow-burning ballad “Lies” reveals a songwriter with a maturity and self-assuredness beyond both the relative youth of her career and her relative youth. And just as important, the song simultaneously showcases a young vocalist with a soulful, dynamic pop star/pop belter-like range. But underneath all of that, the song’s narrator conveys sadness, disillusionment and frustration.

Interestingly, “Lies” is rooted in astute and incisive observation. According to Martin, the song was inspired by unrealistic relationship dynamics that are idealized in media and television. “As women, are are taught through movies and tv that we are supposed to find a broken man and fix him through our love and devotion, which creates unstable relationships and unmet expectations,” the Swedish-born, Melbourne-based artist explains. “This song paints the picture of relationship built on these bricks and the grand fall of it.”