New Audio: Twivver Shares rousingly Anthemic “Doubt”

Travis Kelso is a singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and creative mastermind behind the emerging indie, solo recording project Twivver. Ascribing to the DIY ethos, Kelso writes and records material in his home studio –and according to the singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, as a result of that creative process, Twivver’s sound reflects the vulnerability and passion many can feel when by themselves or when feeling lonely.

Kelso released his full-length Twivver debut Together Again earlier again. According to Kelso, Together Again is an intimate album with catchy and heavy melodies and a mix of different styles and genres.

Kelso released his Twivver debut, Together Again, an intimate album with catchy and heavy melodies earlier this year. Together Again‘s latest single “Doubt” is an anthemic bit of slacker/jangle pop, featuring a rousing, shout-along worthy chorus, complete with a shimmering 12 string guitar solo. The end result is a carefully crafted song that brings Beck and others to mind — but while seemingly rooted in lived-in experience.