New Audio: Up-and-Coming Swedish Artist Hildur Höglind’s Latest Single Explores the Unwillingness to Leave an Ill-fated Relationship

Hildur Höglind is an up-and-coming, Swedish alt-pop artist, who grew up in a family of musicians in the small village of Johannishus, Sweden — and over the past few years, Höglind’s career has grown exponentially: she’s gone from playing at local clubs when she was 15 and not even old enough to even be in the club to playing some of her homeland’s biggest festivals.

Höglind’s forthcoming EP Take Off is slated for release later this year — and reportedly, the EP’s material will further establish the young artist’s reputation for lyrics that broach heavy subjects like mental illness, existential dread and our desperate attempts to understand be understood with a wisdom that belies her youth paired with sleek, hook-driven synth pop.

“Further Apart,” Take Off‘s latest single prominently features Höglind’s aching and tender vocals paired with a sleek and atmospheric production consisting of layers of arpeggiated bass and shimmering synths, tweeter and woofer rocking beats, blasts of strummed acoustic guitar and a rousingly anthemic hook. And while the song is an infectious radio anthem, the song is imbued with a bittersweet quality — as though there’s the tacit understanding both parties are continuing on with something that probably should end, if they weren’t afraid of what was next.