New Video: Copenhagen’s Chopper Shares Dance floor Friendly Banger “Springtime”

Jonatan K. Magnussen is a singer/songwriter and musician, best known for being the frontman of Copenhagen-based goth outfit The Love Coffin. Magnussen recently stepped into the spotlight as a solo artist with his solo project Chopper. Chopper specializes in what Magnussen has dubbed “shock pop,” a sound that draws from Eurodance, glam rock, industrial, disco and B horror movies.

Magnussen’s upcoming Chopper effort Shock Pop Vol. 1 reportedly sees the Danish artist continuing to explore inherent dualities of the human condition while touching upon love, sexuality and carefree joy. Sonically, the album’s material is influenced by Pet Shop Boys, Skinny Puppy and Underworld — but re-contextualized in a modern context.

Shock Pop Vol. 1‘s latest single. “Springtime” is a sleazy, dance floor friendly banger built around Magnussen’s sultrily delivered cooing, shimmering guitars, industrial clang and clatter, glistening synths and enormous, crowd pleasing hooks. The end result is a song — that to my ears — brings Electronic, New Order and Ministry to mind, while rooted in sleek, hyper modern production and razor sharp hooks. But underneath the dance floor rocking grooves, is something far darker and menacing. Written during the pandemic winter, the song illuminates the feelings of longing and isolation — capturing the desire to be out among friends, to meet lovers, to just do things with anyone.

Shot with VHS tape fuzz and hiss, the accompanying video is a trippy and noir-ish journey through the late night underworld and the cosmos that pulsates in time to the song.

i really dig this. this one is a dance floor banger that kind of reminds me electronic, new order and a few others. i understand that this isn’t available until march. but i’ll write about it for JOVM.