New Video: Dam-Funk Brings Uplifting 80s-Inspired G Funk to the 21st Century with “We Continue”

Over the past couple of years, Dam-Funk has seen his profile grow exponentially for a sound that simultaneously channels late Parliament/George Clinton solo work, 80s synth-based funk and R&B, and Parliament-inspired G funk and for his collaborations with Slave’s Steve Arrington and Snoop Dogg, best known as 7 Days of Funk. He’s also managed to be incredibly prolific. At the end of last year, he and Snoop Dogg released a surprise 7 inch single “N My System”/”It’s Not A Secret” as a teaser for the duo’s forthcoming sophomore full-length effort, followed that up with a four EP, STFU which he recorded and wrote in between stints touring with Todd Rundgren, and during all of that, he wrote and recorded the material, which will comprise his much-anticipated sophomore effort, Invite the Light, slated for a September release through Stones Throw Records.

“We Continue,” the first single off Invite the Light manages to channel 80s synth and funk-based R&B – in particular, I’m reminded of a couple of songs I’ve mentioned on this site a number of times on this site, The Whispers’ “Rock Steady,” “And The Beat Goes On” and “It’s a Love Thing,” all of Cameo’s 80s output and several other period specific songs, complete with an uplifting “you can do it, y’all/don’t ever give up” message. And although a number of producers and artists have drawn from the 80s – i.e., St. Lucia, Blood Orange, and a long list of others, few of Dam-Funk’s contemporaries sound exactly like him as his work swaggers and saunters with a gangsta lean – and manages to be as sincere and soulful.

The official video features Dam-Funk driving around town with a homey, singing the song and plenty of shredding keytar action — because, keytar.