New Video: DJ Manipulator, Louie Gonz, and Mr. Pacheco Team Up on a Jazzy and Soulful Bit of Real Hip-Hop

Now late last month, I wrote about the Massachusetts-based hip-hop duo DJ Manipulator and Louie Gonz and “This Sound,” the silky smooth, looped jazz flute and xylophone-based first collaboration with renowned Los Angeles-based emcee Blu off the duo’s recently released sophomore effort together, The Loops. And with their sophomore effort the duo intends it to be a bold re-introduction to hip-hop heads everywhere while further cementing their reputation for a sound that warmly draws from golden era hip-hop while not resorting to mimicry. The Loops‘ latest single, “Who Want It,” is a collaboration with frequent collaborator and friend Mr. Pacheco, and much like the single’s predecessor, the latest track continues in the same vein — no frills, no bullshit hip-hop in which two emcees trade ridiculous and fiery bars over a soulful production consisting of looped, stuttering and twinkling xylophones and warm, jazzy guitar chords.

The recently released video was shot on grainy and warped VHS tape, further emphasizing the stuttering sample.