New Video: Follow Bad Sports’ Orville Neely on a Drunken and Lonely Spree in Video for “Don’t Deserve Love”

The Denton, TX/Austin, TX-based trio Bad Sports, comprised of Orville Neely III (guitar, vocals),  Aniel Fried (drums) and Gregory Rutherford (bass) featured some of their home state’s most accomplished musicians — Neely is the frontman of the acclaimed OBN IIIs, while Fried and Rutherford have played together in Video and Radioactivity. Now, as you may recall, the band released their fourth album Constant Stimulation through their longtime label home Dirtnap Records last October, and the album which marks the band’s tenth anniversary, also found the band pushing their sound and songwriting in a new, more mature direction. centered by a leaner, tense production meant to evoke a decided sense of frustration, tension, and world-weariness.

Constant Stimulation‘s first single “Don’t Deserve Love” further cements the trio’s reputation for crafting power chord-based punk but there’s a decided power pop bent, as the song reveals a deliberate and thoughtful attention to rousingly anthemic hooks and earnest emotion. Sonically, the song manages a contemporary take on a familiar sound without being soulless mimicry. But interestingly enough, the song may arguably be the most personal song they’ve written and released as it’s fueled the crippling self-doubt and insecurity of a vulnerable adult, who has openly and freely admitted that while life has made them a survivor, they’re lonely, desperate, broken, fucked up, confused, and afraid — of connecting with others and getting heartbroken and having to start again; of being a failure and a fraud; of a world that’s going up in flames and not caring or not knowing what to do.

Directed by Z.W.Sprague and written by Orville Neely, the recently released video for “Don’t Deserve Love” stars Neely as a self-conscious, lonely, and somewhat awkward man, who acts in an out of control fashion — drinking way too much, doing way too much coke, smoking too many cigarettes and takes jokes way too far. And as a result, the video’s protagonist winds up frustrating and annoying everyone around him. After being discovered vomiting in a bar bathroom, Neely gets tossed out of the bar, stumbles off to a convenience store for more booze, vomits once again and ends the night drunkenly passed out, disappointed and alone. While being profoundly sad, the video illustrates a much bigger point — that for many of us, we’ve been that lonely, drunken slob, lost in their sadness, self-flagellation and inability to do anything about it.

Bad Sports will be hitting the road to support Constant Stimulation and it includes an April 5, 2019 stop at Saint Vitus Bar. Check out the rest of the tour dates below.


Tour dates
March 27 – Austin, TX – @ Hotel Vegas w/The Whiffs, Mean Jolene
March 28 – Dallas, TX – @ Three Links w/The Whiffs, Drakulas, Pleasers
March 29 – Kansas City, MO – @  Voltaire w/The Whiffs
March 30 – Chicago, IL – @ Cole’s Bar w/The Whiffs
March 31 – Detroit, MI – @ Outer Limits w/The Whiffs
April 1 – Toronto, ON, Canada – @ The Monarch w/First Base, Beef Boys
April 2 – Ottawa, ON, Canada – @ House Of Targ
April 3 – Montreal, QC, Canada – @ L’ESCO w/Pale Lips, The Hundred Steeples
April 4 – Boston, MA – @ O’Briens – w/Nice Guys, Far Corners
April 5 – NYC, NY – @ St. Vitus – w/Foster Care, Big City
April 6 – Philadelphia, PA – @ Ortleib’s
April 7 – St. Augustine, FL – @ Sarbez
April 8 – Miami, FL – @ Las Rosas
April 9 – Orlando, FL – @ Will’s Pub
April 10 – Raleigh, NC – @ Neptunes w/Personality Cult, Pie Face Girls
April 11 – Washington, DC – @ Damaged City
April 12 – Atlanta, GA – @ The Earl w/tba
April 13 – New Orleans, LA – @ TBA w/tba