New Video: Gospelbeach Returns with a Glorious 70s Rock-Inspired Ode to California

Last year, I wrote about the Los Angeles, CA-based indie rock collective  GospelbeacH, and as you may recall the band is fronted by the Florida-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Brent Rademaker, who has had stints in FurtherThe Tyde and is a founding member of Beachwood Sparks, and featured Rademaker collaborating with a rotating cast of friends and associates, as well as producer Jon Neiman, Jason Soda, Ben Redell, and Derek Brown. “You’re Already Home,” off the band’s sophomore 2017 album Summer of Love further cemented Rademaker and company’s reputation for crafting sunny and optimistic indie rock that draws from 60s and 70s AM rock and renegade country centered around soulful and thoughtful lyrics that focus on the age-old theme of timeless love.

Summer of Love‘s latest single “California Fantasy” manages to blend a sunny and clear-eyed optimism with a subtle but world-weary cynicism — and that shouldn’t be surprising as it captures folks who rush out to California with dreams of the Summer of Love, of starting fresh, of love and endless summer. of drinking wine, getting high and bullshitting with your dearest and most beloved, of wandering to Mexico with great rock ‘n’ roll on your radio and signing along to your favorite tunes. And while capturing the sense of awe and discovery in a road trip, of wisdom gained and new friends met, there’s an underlying reality that sometimes the reality doesn’t quite add up to your hopes and dreams — and even then, roll with the punches, make it what you need it to be, man ’cause this is but a fleeting dream. Sonically, the song will bring to mind Neil Young and Crazy Horse, early Stones and the like — but they do so while carefully avoiding mimicry; there’s a soulfulness and thoughtfulness here that makes it stand on its own.

Directed by Steve Hanft, the recently released video for “California Fantasy” is centered around the band hanging out and jamming during a glorious and endless summer day — and of course, it includes catching local surfers and skaters, driving around and daydreaming aimlessly, further emphasizing the song’s chill out and enjoy the vibes and scenery around you vibe.

The band is about to embark on a European tour. Check out the tour dates below.

GospelbeacH – European Tour 2018
May 28 – Prince Albert – Brighton, U.K.
May 29 – Gullivers – Manchester, U.K.
May 30 – Broadcast – Glasgow, U.K.
June 2 – Gielgud Theatre – London, U.K.
June 3 – Le Pub – Newport, U.K.
June 4 – Bush Hall – London, U.K.
June 6 – Sala Kafe Antzokia – Bilbao, Spain
June 7 – Sala Rocksound – Barcelona, Spain
June 8 – Sala Loco Club – Valencia, Spain
June 9 – Sala El Intruso – Madrid, Spain
June 11 – Ideal Bar, VEGA-Musikkens Hus – Kobenhavn V, Denmark
June 12 – Folk A Rock – Malmo, Sweden
June 13 – Cafe Mono – Oslo, Norway
June 14 – Bergenhus Festning – Bergen, Norway
June 16 – Pustervik – Goteborg, Sweden