New Video: Hang Out and Bullshit with Kool Keith, B.a.R.S. Murre and Dirt Nasty in “World Wide Lamper”

Kool Keith is known as a co-founding member of renowned hip-hop act Ultramagnetic MCs, and for even lengthier and uncompromisingly weird solo career in which he has taken up a number of aliases and personas and collaborated with innumerable artists — while continually perfecting and expanding upon an imitable style full of surreal and fantastic tangents, grimly violent and nightmarish imagery and a rare talent to effortlessly switch perspective, moods and points of view within a few lines of the same song. Future Magnetic, the prolific Bronx-based emcee’s latest effort is slated for release tomorrow through Mello Music Group and has the renowned and uncompromising strange emcee and producer collaborating with the likes of Ras KassAtmosphere‘s Slug, MF Doom and Dirt Nasty.

“World Wide Lamper” Future Magnetic‘s latest single is a collaboration that consists of the incredibly dexterous Kool Keith trading bars full of braggadocio, couplets that with insane punchlines that touch upon pop culture, the profane, the grisly violent, and the surreal with B.A.R.S. Murre and Dirt Nasty over a menacingly sparse and hypnotic production consisting of twinkling synths and subtle yet propulsive drum programming. Listening to this track should remind all listeners of several things — that Kool Keith is one of the most inventive and challenging emcees around; and that everything receiving airplay on your local multinational conglomerate hip-hop station is complete bullshit.

The recently released video feature features each of the song’s emcees being hanging out, eating, smoking weed and being cool as shit in a variety of settings while turning some hip-hop video cliches on their head.