New Video: Introducing the 80s Synth Pop-Inspired Sound of Parisian-born Cocovan

Currently very little is know about the Parisian-born indie pop artist and producer Cocovan; however, after making a name for herself in her hometown, the French artist felt an immense calling to come Stateside to immerse herself in the culture and art of NYC and Los Angeles. Her solo recording and production is deeply influenced by Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Blood Orange, Sade and others, and her latest single “Mirage Of Us” manages to be an almost period specific slow-burning and atmospheric song that pairs gentle layers of cascading synth stabs, brief bursts of guitar and Cocovan’s sensual cooing in both English and French.

Despite the seductive nature of the song, the song’s narrator frankly discusses falling deeply in love with someone, who doesn’t love her in the same way — essentially making her romantic relationship with this person a figment of her imagination. And the end result is a song that’s an unexpected kiss off to a fickle, unfaithful, deceitful lover.