New Video: Introducing the Retro-Futuristic Visuals and Sounds of Toronto’s Princess Century

Maya Postepski is a grizzled Toronto, ON music scene veteran, who is arguably best known as being a member of renowned electronic music act Austra, a prolific DJ and remixer, and for her work collaborating as a producer and co-writer with Robert Alfons, best known as Trust on his critically acclaimed full-length debut TRST. Interestingly, Postepski’s solo side project Princess Century is largely an outlet for the Toronto-based electronic music artist’s genre-meshing and genre-defying experimentation; in fact, her recently released Rendezvous EP possesses elements of minimalist, cosmic and psychedelic disco, polyrhythm, industrial electronica and other things while pulsating with urgent lust and passion.  As Postepski explains Rendezvous is an EP comprised of tracks that are a departure from what I normally do. The tracks didn’t quite work on the album (Progress) but I felt they shared a weird Krauty EDM vibe.

EP title track and latest single Rendezvous manages to sound as though it were inspired by John Carpenter soundtracks and old school house music as layers of tense, undulating synths are paired with bursts of shimmering synths and propulsive drum programming, along with fluttering electronics — all of which give the song a chilly and subtly cosmic, retro-futuristic sheen.

The recently released music video for “Rendezvous” further cements the retro-futuristic vibe as it begins with a cheesy 80s video tape intro that fades into grainy VHS-like graphics and special effects.