New Video: Italy’s My Gravity Girls Release a Cinematically Shot and Brooding Visual for “Daybreak”

Emilia-Romagna, Italy-based act My Gravity Girls — founding members Mattia Bergonzi (vocals) and Pietro Ruggeri (drums) along with Francesco Carlucci (keys, synths) and siblings Claudio (bass, synths, backing vocals, piano) and Simone Calandra (drums) — can trace their origins back to their formation 12 years ago. About four years ago, the band went on an extended hiatus, which put the future of the band in doubt.

Inspired by Lambchop‘s FLOTUS, My Gravity Girls’ Mattia Bergonzi was re-inspired to create and spend time in the studio experimenting with recording techniques and new sounds. Eventually Bergonzi built a home studio from scratch, so that he could experiment with complete freedom. “I would spend nights at home recording voice loops and transforming them into synth sounds; or recording guitar riffs only to go and destroy them with digital effects making them unrecognizable.” Finishing the studio about a year later, Bergonzi reformed the band with its current lineup — and with a new assortment of instruments, which he hadn’t previously written material for. The end result is the band’s first full-length album in four years, I Miss Something and Everyone, which was released earlier this year.

With the new instrumentation to their band’s sonic palette, much of the album’s material features electronic beats, organic drums, synth lines created from processed vocal samples and tons of reverb. The end result is material that’s dark, moody and yet ethereal and emotional. Interestingly, I Miss Something and Everyone‘s latest single “Daybreak” is a brooding song, centered around reverb-drenched clang and clatter, shimmering and wobbling synths and plaintive vocals. And while recalling Beacon, Seoul and others, the track as the band explains is about the literal and metaphorical scratches and wounds of our lives and how they reverberate throughout our lives.

Directed by The Beard Hunter, the recently released video for “Daybreak” is feverish and slow-burning dream shot in a gorgeously cinematic black and white that’s full of longing and heartache.