New Video: Ixra Divide Returns with a Madlib and J. Dilla-Inspired Instrumental Beat Track and Surreal Visuals

Towards the end of last year, I wrote about Virginia-based producer and emcee Ixra Divide, who has collaborated with JOVM mainstay artist, Toronto, ON-born, Brooklyn-based Joanie Wolkoff, who has recorded with Her Habits, Gemology and as a solo artist, under the moniker Wolkoff; however, you may recall his side project Aspiring Acolytes of Rap Production, a project that features him and his best friend fucking around and rhyming over golden era hip-hop-inspired samples as you would have heard on their Dilated PeoplesJ. Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest channeling single.

The Virginia-based producer and emcee returns with a Madlib and J. Dilla-inspired instrumental “Beat Odyssey,” which employs the use of aa looped and chopped up guitar sample from The Doors‘ “This Is The End” and pairs it with enormous, boom-bap drum programming, regular scratching and electronic bleeps, bloops and beeps, which give the song a retro-futuristic and space-age vibe.

The recently released music video continues on that retro-futuristic and low-budget, DIY vibe as it follows an alien, whose forced to crash land on a planet with the hopes of finding enough energy to fly back home. Luckily, an inhabit of the planet helps him find his much needed energy source. The video is fittingly trippy and surreal — but manages to be a lot of fun.