New Video: Lightning Bug Releases Hazy Visuals for Ethereal and Soaring “The Onely Ones”

Led by songwriter Audrey King and featuring multi-instrumentalist Kevin Copeland and producer Logan Miley, Brooklyn-based shoegazer act Lightning Bug is grounded in a tight-knit friendship and an intuitive musical bond which heavily influences their sound — a mix of rapturous shoegaze, longing balladry and ambient soundscapes. While their recorded output has revealed a sonic eclecticism, their material is centered around a magnetic sense of cohesion. Lyrically, their work documents Kang’s relationship with her humanity and feelings, detailing memories fraught with joy and heartache, and the seemingly unending cycle of tension and release that comes as one develops self-trust.

With the release of their first two albums, 2015’s Floaters, which landed on NME‘s best debut albums of 2015 list and last year’s October Song, the Brooklyn-based shoegazer act has developed a reputation for being one of the genre’s newest buzzworthy acts. Building upon a rising profile, the act recently signed to Fat Possum Records, who will re-issue October Song on vinyl on April 24, 2020 — and to celebrate the occasion, the band released a previously unreleased single “The Onely Ones.” Recorded during the October Song sessions, the lush and atmospheric song is centered around a soaring hook, ethereal vocals, twinkling instrumentation and thumping beats — and manages to evoke a hazy and difficult to define and intense emotion that’s a mix of joy and anguish.  Unsurprisingly, the recently released video for “The Onely Ones” is shot in a hazy black and white that nods at 120 Minutes era MTV — while capturing a fleeting and temporal moment

“You know when you experience a sudden extreme of emotion? Not quite anguish, not quite joy, but some unutterable mixture of both. This song is my attempt to express that,” King says in press notes of the song and accompanying video.

The video for ‘The Onely Ones’ seeks to represent the fleeting impressions that stream behind the membrane of immediate reality. It attempts to remind how there is, shimmering within each person, an entire universe as intangible and as infinite as time.”

Lightning Bug are currently recording the follow up to October Song with new members Vincent Puleo and Dane Hagen — but in the meantime, they’ve also recently announced a run of tour dates that include a stop at this year’s SXSW and a May 8, 2020 vinyl release show at The Sultan Room. Check out the tour dates below.

3/18 – Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas (Desert Daze Party, 4:15 PM) *
3/18 – Austin, TX @ Barracuda (Ground Control Showcase, 8 PM) *
3/19 – Austin, TX @ Hotel Vegas (Levitation Party, 2:50 PM) *
3/23 – Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle (Free Show)
3/24 – Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups
5/8 – Brooklyn, NY @ The Sultan Room ^
^ October Song vinyl release show