New Video: Los Angeles’ Faux Real Shares an Infectious, Over-The-Top Banger

Faux Real is an emerging, Los Angeles-based electro pop duo, who specialize in bringing a swaggering American edge to Europop aesthetics. Their latest single “The United Snakes of America,” Faux Real’s latest single is an infectious and raucous party banger centered around autotuned harmonies, shimmering synth arpeggios, slapping Bootsy Collins like bass lines and shout-along-with-your-pals choruses.

While seeming like a slick synthesis of LMFAO and La Femme — there’s a fucking banjo solo after all! — “The United Snakes of America” is a politically-charged celebration of the power of community that revels in its hilarious, ridiculously over-the-top nature.

The recently released video for “The United Snakes of America” fittingly features the duo vamping and bopping around various sights in Los Angeles in a souped up limo — and fittingly a shit ton of snakes, both real and fake. Because snakes and ‘Murica.