New Video: Mysterious French Outfit 4ever lost Shares Sultry and Uneasy “I don’t know how to love you”

Formed back in 2020, 4ever lost is a mysterious French outfit — founding member Six (vocalist, songwriting) along with Hero (guitar, bass), One (keys) and Abi (drums/percussion) — that specializes in a sound that they’ve dubbed “eclectic pop,” which features elements of alternative R&B, pop and electro pop paired with poetic, deep lyrics that speak for those who can’t (or are unable) to put words to their feelings.

Released earlier this year, the mysterious French outfit’s debut single, the slow-burning “I don’t know how to love you” is centered around a sleek and hyper modern production featuring finger-snap led percussion, atmospheric and glistening synths, skittering beats and wobbling electronics paired with cooed vocals. The end result is a sultry and uneasy song that recalls JOVM mainstays Beacon and Quiet Storm soul.

Edited by Thibault Remetter and starring the members of 4ever lost in brightly colored suits and ski masks and David Jacquemin and Simon Thiebaut as servants, the accompanying video for “I don’t know how to love you” is a stylish fever dream that nods at Roger Corman era horror movies.