New Video: Paris’ Nothing Else Releases a Trippy and Nostalgic Visual for Atmospheric “Sky Dive”

Nothing Else is an emerging Paris-based indie rock quartet — Geo (guitar, machines), Alexis (drums), Pedro (vocals, guitar) and JG (bass) — that describes themselves as being “from everywhere to anywhere” and their sound as being like “dark streets in forgotten cities, deep woods and business enters, fancy suit on infinite highways. Lost people on everyday wheels, confused clock needles — one more song and go . . .

The Parisian quartet’s latest single “Sky Dive” is a brooding and atmospheric track centered around shimmering and reverb-drenched guitars, propulsive drumming and Pedro’s plaintive vocals. The end result is a track that sonically — to my ears, at least — brings The Unforgettable Fire-era U2 and Starfish-era The Church to mind.

The recently released video features a collage of stock footage of the space age, 60s psych rock concerts, people and families on holiday and so on that feels nostalgic yet trippy.