New Video: Pattern Primitive Shares Eerie “I Know Your Thoughts”

French duo Pattern Primitive — Andrew Richards and Severin Stancler — create a hypnotic and meditative soundscape, comprised of lo-fi noise particles, melancholic memories floating in the air and gentle melodic breaths caressing the back of the listener’s neck.

“I Know Your Thoughts,” the French duo’s eerie and hypnotic, latest single is rooted around swirling and wobbling synth textures, layers of skittering beats and glitchy electronics paired with processed ethereal vocals. The song manages to feel like an uneasy fever dream, fueled by a creeping malevolence, just out of reach.

The accompanying video begins with colored oils being dripped into water and following the patterns they create, followed by trippier footage of a robe wearing, candy skull-looking character in the woods and more.