New Video: Sharkmuffin’s Psychedelic, Summery, Poolside Romp

The past year or so have been monumental for the Brooklyn-based trio Sharkmuffin. Earlier this year, Billboard listed the band as one of their 20 All-Female Bands You Should Know, and their long-awaited full-length debut Chartreuse was released last month through State Capital/Little Dickman Records and the album has received quite a bit of attention across the blogosphere since its release; in fact, the first batch of singles from the album have been released to critical praise — and to be honest, that’s not surprising, as the trio, which is currently comprised of founding members Tarra Thiessen (guitar, vocals) and Natalie Kirch (bass, vocals), along with Sharif Mekway (drums) have developed a reputation both across town and nationally for a hard-rocking, frenzied live show.

Chartruese‘s latest single is album title track, “Chartreuse” and the single begins with shimmering Hawaii beach evoking guitar chords before suddenly morphing into a feedback-filled, power chord and thundering drum-based song paired with Thiessen’s howled vocals to create a sound that nods towards surfer punk and psych rock but with a snotty, bratty feel at its core.

The recently released official video features two dudes in the middle of an intense bro-date, playing golf, drinking and goofing off, until they catch sight of Sharkmuffin’s Theissen and Kirch playing tunes, drinking and playing in a pool. The boys approach the girls, start flirting and hollering until the lovely ladies of Sharkmuffin spike the boys’ drinks — and the video turns into a psychedelic and weird romp.