New Video: SheLoom Shares an Arena Rock Friendly Anthem

Today was the fifth and final day of this year’s New Colossus Festival. I’m exhausted and everything hurts but I had a great time — and you’ll be seeing my photos and thoughts in the future. (I have way too many photos to edit and post. That’s a good problem to have, right?)

But in the meantime, let’s get to the business at hand, shall we?

Transatlantic indie duo SheLoomBlinker the Star‘s Jordon Zadorozny and producer/songwriter Filippo Gaetani — formed back in 2008. And although they’ve primarily worked together remotely throughout their history with the occasional in-person writing and recording session, the members of SheLoom have released two albums of orchestrated pop.

Currently, the duo is working on their third SheLoom album, which is slated for release later this year. Bu tin the meantime, the forthcoming album’s first single “It Scares Me” is a big genre and style mashing rocker, that to my ears nods at Peter Gabriel era Genesis, Moving Pictures era Rush, and glittery glam rock centered around arena rock bombast, enormous hooks, equally enormous power chords, thunderous drumming and some fluttering synths. And all of this is paired with an expansive song structure that’s roomy enough for some bluesy yet atmospheric solos and earnest, seemingly lived-in lyricism.

The song explain in press notes that “It Scares Me” is “a song about the psychological struggles of human relationships” that . . . “blends indie rock guitar riffs with progressive rock style grandeur, tipping their hats to late 70’s The Police, Arcarde Fire, Rush and Genesis along the way.”

The accompanying visual for “It Scares Me” employs a trippy array of effects including superimpositions, double and triple exposures, found footage, space imagery and footage of the duo performing the song in a studio.