New Video: The Ambient, Atmospheric Electro Pop Sounds and Visuals of Karachi Files

Last May, Andi and Hannes Teichmann, the heads of Noland Records, along with Haamid Rahim and Bilal Nasir Khan brought together 12 electronic musicians hailing from Pakistan, The Maldives and Germany in a house in Karachi, Pakistan to collaborate together in what all parties dubbed “Sound Camp,” and the end result was  the collective’s self-tiled full-lengh effort, which the act will be performing live in Berlin, Germany next week. The collective’s first single together “Dissolve” pairs a trippy and atmospheric production consisting of skittering drum programming, stuttering electronic bleeps and bloops and swirling electronics with effortlessly soulful falsetto vocals in a song that’s subtly sensual and owes an equal debt to contemporary electro pop and soul.

The video was shot while the collective was all together in Karachi and the video which focuses on the street noises and other ambient noises of the Pakistani city — but from the peaceful vantage of a rooftop, as though the viewer was standing on the rooftop watching trees rustle in the wind and birds lazily trace circles above the city.