New Video: The Bittersweet Visuals for Fleurie’s Gorgeous, Swooning and Anthemic “Sparks”

Certainly, if you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the past 12-18 months or so, you’ve likely come across a handful of posts on Canton, MI-born, Nashville, TN-based classically trained pianist and singer/songwriter Lauren Straham, who writes, records and performs under the moniker Fleurie. And in that period Straham has received attention for an approach that meshes the traditional (and confusional) singer/songwriter-based lyrics with contemporary electronic music production to craft a very moody and atmospheric electro pop sound that’s reminiscent of several renowned contemporaries including Phoebe RyanCAPPA, Chelsea LankesMarie Dahlstrøm and a growing list of women.

And of course,  you’d know that Straham’s second EP as Flurie, Arrows captured the attention of the blogosphere; I had written about EP singles “Fire In My Bones,” an ethereal yet tense song focusing on the internal battle between fear and hope, and “Sparks,” an urgent and swooning song that evoked the sensation of falling desperately in love.

Directed by T. Sam Pierce and Jordan Short, the recently released music video for “Sparks” follows the flashbacks of a woman reminiscing of an adorably meet cute turn love affair that’s so ridiculously infectious that even the most bitter and jaded of us can remember — before ending with the suggestion that the relationship ends with an aching and bitter fashion that has the female  protagonist questioning her love and the person she was with. And essentially, the visuals give the song an unexpected bittersweet air as it reminds the viewer that for the most part love will end with heartache.