New Video: The Creepy Film Noir Visuals and Tense, Uneasy Sounds of No One Mind

No One Mind – Tiger from No One Mind on Vimeo.

Featuring Ellis Anderson, Noah Dehmer, and Missy Thangs as primary members, indie rock act No One Mind can trace its origins to the abrupt, bitter and acrimonious breakups of their previous projects The Love Language and Birds of Avalon. And as the story goes, each member wanted to make a record in which they gave voice to their feelings of recrimination, bitterness, betrayal and hurt; in some way, it shouldn’t be surprising that being in a band can engender and inspire the same sort of ambivalent, confusing, embittering emotions. So in some way it shouldn’t be surprising that the trio’s self-titled debut, which is slated for a September 9, 2016 release, focuses on and addresses both the accuser and accused with perspectives frequently shifting within a phrase.

As you’ll hear on “Tiger” No One Mind’s latest single, layers of angular, buzzing guitars, a propulsive, throbbing bass line and rapid-fire drumming is paired with venomous lyrics full of recrimination, bitter accusations and spite and it comes from a deeply personal and fucked up place that should be familiar to anyone who has felt as though their heart was stomped on by someone close to them — including the miscommunication and misunderstanding, pettiness and deceit that adds a razor sharp edge to the feeling of deceit and loathing at the core of the song while pairing it with a song structure that feels dimly familiar yet alien.

Directed by Zoe Dehmer, the recently released video for “Tiger” is an film noir-like video that follows a pair of two young girls — presumably sisters — who appear as though they’re under the influence of hallucinogens as they wander around a suburban town, explore each other and mess with each other, while hinting at something deeply menacing and cruel just under the surface.