New Video: The Film-Noir Sounds and Visuals of Seattle’s Evening Bell

The collaboration between two of Seattle’s most renowned singer/songwriters Hart Kingsbery, who has written and performed under the moniker Davidson Hart Kingsbery; and Caitlin Sherman, who has been a member of local bands including Slow Skate, Sunday Evening Whiskey Club and Lusine, Evening Bell which also features drummer Jason Merculief, who has spent stints in the backing bands of renowned singer/songwriters Alela Diane, Sera Cahoone and J. Tillman, along with bassist Aaron Harmonson, specializes in a moody, boozy, barroom blues and film noir-leaning psychedelic country as you’ll hear on their incredibly cinematic, haunting and aching, new single “Tail Light.”

The recently released, film-noir-ish video features the band’s Hart Kingsbery and Caitlin Sherman as a pair of haunted and star crossed, almost lovers, whose love may never be completely consummated despite their efforts — and it features a ton of lonely and contemplative, late night driving in gorgeous, vintage cars and waiting around in idling cars for someone, who may not be paying attention or want them. And as a result, it gives a swooning, Romantic song a bittersweet tinge of unfinished and unfulfilled business.