New Video: The Hallucinogenic Video for Heaters’ New Single “Kamikaze”

Certainly, if you’ve been frequenting JOVM over the better part of this past year, you may have come across a post or two on the Grand Rapids, MI-based psych rock trio HEATERS. Comprised of Andrew Tamlyn, Nolan Krebs and Joshua Korf, the band can trace their origins to when founding members Tamilyn and Krebs relocated to Grand Rapids to start a music project together. Korf, who was coincidentally their next door neighbor, was then recruited to flesh out the band’s sound. With the release of a couple of singles, an appearance on Stolen Body’s Vegetarian Meat psych compilation and the release of their debut EP, Solstice, the trio received national attention, which continued after the release of the “Mean Green”/“Levitate Thigh” 7 inch earlier this year through Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records.

The Grand Rapids, MI-based trio released their debut effort, Holy Water Pool last month and as I wrote about “Gum Drop,” the single sounded as though it drew influence from Pink Floyd‘s “Breathe” as the song is consists of swirling guitar chords played through reverb with vocals fed through reverb as well to create a kaleidoscopic, towering and bracing wall of sound that’s atmospheric and immersive. However, the album’s latest single “Kamikaze” sounds as though it were directly influence by both 60s psych rock and The Black Angels as the song consists of swirling guitar chords and vocals fed through layers upon layers of reverb and propulsive drumming and a gently buzzing drone which gives the song a kaleidoscopic and hypnotic feel.

The recently released official video begins with stock footage of World War 2-era planes before battle, taking off and crashing into fiery explosions and this is superimposed over footage of the band (presumably) playing “Kamikaze” live, and this is later superimposed by a footage of a burlesque dancer shot with a kaleidoscopic filter. The video is fittingly hallucinogenic and should remind you of the sounds and visuals of 1966.