New Video: The Salacious, 80s Pop and R&B-Inspired Video for WILDHART’s “Fantasy”


With the release of “Stuck In A Second” the Gothenburg, Sweden-based indie electro pop trio WILDHART, comprised of Ylva Homdahl (vocals), Kiwi Berg (synths) and Josefin Runsteen (drums), have quickly developed a reputation in their homeland and across the blogosphere for an atmospheric synth-based sound that has been compared favorably to the likes of Niki and the Dove, Little Dragon, the xx and London Grammar. The trio’s latest single “Fantasy” is a hazier, much more delicate song that has the act pairing layers of shimmering and twinkling synths, undulating and swirling electronics, and finger snap led percussion with Homdahl’s achingly plaintive and tender vocals to create a sound that evokes both a cold, feverish sweat — and of a newly stirring and soon-to-be insistent desire that becomes more and more obsessive. And as a result, the song’s narrator possesses a desperate and unshakable carnal need.

That shouldn’t be terribly surprising as WILDHART’s Holmdahl has explained of the song “‘Fantasy’ is a sensual and honest song about being attracted to someone, a person you had a dream about. A hot dream. You know that feeling when you have one of those, and it sticks to your mind like glue, making you to start to fantasize about a person an unreasonable amount.”

Directed by Elvira Varghans & Maja Li Härdelin, the recently released video borrows liberally from 80s pop and R&B motifs — lo-fi and somewhat psychedelic imagery and fades, fingers practically popping out of the frame to snap along and its superimposed over more suggestive imagery of someone touching themselves and approaching climax. It fittingly captures the salacious and sultry feel of the song while nodding at 80s MTV.