New Video: The Stunningly Gorgeous Visuals for Lunar Twin’s “Champagne (Grand Cru Edit)”

Comprised of Bryce Boudreau (vocals) and Chris Murphy (multi-instrumentalist, producer), the electro pop duo Lunar Twin derive their name from a scientific theory that says that Earth may have had a twin moon that was destroyed in a massive collision in the early days of our solar system. In any case, the duo can trace their origins to the 2011 Denver Underground Music Festival when Boudreau joined Murphy’s goth band Nightsweats as a guest vocalist — and by 2013 the duo officially began collaborating together.

After the release of their self-titled EP, the duo released the Champagne Remixes EP. through German boutique label Emerald and Doreen Records and the remix ep featured two songs from the self-titled EP, “Metroplex” and “Champagne” remixed, re-edited and re-worked by a number of producers and DJs with each remix offering a completely different interpretation of its source material. Chris Murphy took part in the remixes, offering his own remix of “Champagne,” which retained the original’s ambient synths and texture while gently beefing up the song’s drum beat and adding additional ambient samples to create a moodier and more ethereal song that features Boudreau’s vocals which bear an uncanny resemblance to Mark Lanegan.

The official video, directed by J. Valencia features footage shot in Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. And as Valencia explains in press notes. “I envisioned this track as an interstellar love affair, interpreted surrounding a fragmented vision and waking dreams of a solitary traveler,” To me, this piece of music encompasses, both artistically and technically, a sound that is timeless.” The video just has stunningly gorgeous visuals that fit the remixes’ hauntingly gorgeous sound.