New Video: The Sultry and Seductive Sound and Visuals of Up-and-Coming Pop Star, Sonia Stein

Born in Berlin, Germany, reared in Warsaw, Poland and spending time in New York and Boston, up-and-coming pop artist and singer/songwriter Sonia Stein is in every sense of the word, a citizen of the world, who first received attention across the UK and internationally from the likes of Clash Magazine, Wonderland and Planet Notion with the release of “Waiting” off her debut EP, Symbol.

Building on the buzz that “Waiting” and the Symbol EP received, Stein’s latest single “Baggage” draws from the piano-driven melodies and classical influences of her previous material — but with a contemporary and modern production style as the song’s co-writer and producer, multi-instrumentalist Ben Jones pairs Stein’s silky vocals with wobbling and tumbling bass, skittering drum programming, swirling electronics, gently undulating synths and soaringly, anthemic hooks. The song is a slickly produced pop confection while being soulful and seductive.

As Stein explains in press notes the song is about meeting someone who’s saddled with the emotional baggage of past relationships — presumably a relatively recent one — that makes it difficult for them to move forward and start something new. Throughout the song, the song’s narrator vacillates between vulnerability and desire for her love object and being resolute in the fact that she refuses to deal with someone else’s baggage and bullshit, no matter how much she may desire them. The song’s narrator seems ready to give up with this love object and ready to move on to someone else, who’s more emotionally available.

The recently released official video features Stein literally sitting in a room with a bunch of baggage, attempting to seduce an emotionally unavailable man. The video ends with Stein and the man apart, with Stein seeming relieved to not have to deal with the man.

2016 looks to be a huge year for Stein, as her debut full-length record which will feature her continuing collaboration with Ben Jones and with renowned producer Liam Howe, who’s worked with FKA Twigs, Marina and the Diamonds and Jesse Ware is slated for release early next year.