New Video: The Understated Beautiful Visuals and Sounds of Bay Uno’s “Black Beauty”

With the release of his first two singles “River” and “Wait For Your Love,” off his full-length debut Catalina, the California-born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Bay Uno received attention across the blogosphere for gorgeous and densely layered, jangling, 70s AM rock-leaning pop sound that revealed a sensitive and wistful nature while being compared to the likes of Bright EyesM. WardBon Iver, Iron and Wine and others. Thematically, the material on Catalina is deeply inspired by the transformative power of both bodies of water and love — and while being profound and serious subjects, Uno also conveys profundity with a sense of awe and whimsy.

It’s been over a year since I’ve last written about him and his work but he’s been playing a number of shows across town — including a December 7, 2016 set at The Slipper Room, which benefits Barc, a no-kill shelter. In any case, his latest single “Black Beauty” is a thoughtful and gorgeously hushed single featuring strummed guitar, twinkling percussion, bursts of accordion and a cinematic sweep paired with Bay Uno’s earnest and thoughtful crooning in a song that evokes the swooning sensation of being swept up in profound love and of finding oneself through a connection with nature. And much like his previously released singles there’s a sense of childlike awe and wonder that’s infectious — and should remind the listener of their own forgotten inner child.

The recently released video was shot on a grainy Instagram-like filter and shows the singer/songwriter riding a beautiful black horse, with whom he seems to have a profound connection, and of being in nature. And much like the song it possesses a simple and understated beauty.