New Video: Wroclaw, Poland Shoegazers Give Up To Failure Share Brooding “Slow Collapse”

Wroclaw, Poland-based shoegazer outfit Give Up To Failure — Mark Magick, Krzysztof Młyńczak, Rafał Wekiera, Michał Szczypek, and Dominik Półtorak — will be releasing their sophomore album Cocoon through Polish indie label Requiem Records on February 20, 2023.

The Polish shoegazers explain that they’ve developed on Cocoon is a definite transformation from the sound of their full-length debut, 2020’s Burden. The ten-song Cocoon sees the band’s sound evolving with material that ranges from shoeagze, post-rock and post-metal with nods of post-punk, ambient and dream pop in a swirling and cohesive fashion. “We describe the sound of this album as: from chaos in the head to peace in the heart,” the Polish outfit said through email. Lyrically and thematically, the albums material touches upon love, depression, self-destruction, insomnia, trying to find yourself and trying to become a better person.

Cocoon‘s second and latest single, “Slow Collapse” is a slow-burning and brooding track centered around swirling and malevolent guitar atmospherics, propulsive and dramatic drumming paired with achingly plaintive vocals, buried a bit in the mix, expressing regret and self-loathing that brings A Place to Bury Strangers to mind. The song’s narrator begs for for another chance, for their love interest to just talk — for a chance to explain what happened from their perspective. But throughout there’s a sense that it’s just too late.

The accompanying video features some trippy and brooding imagery, including fuzzy black and white, VHS-style footage of an exceedingly European forest, a couple of embracing, a couple walking through a trippy background and more.