Now known as international stars and critical darlings, indie electro pop/indie rock act Cut Copy started out from humble beginnings – as the solo creative project of Melbourne, Australia-based DJ and graphic designer Dan Whitford in 2001. By 2003 Whitford’s bedroom project had become a fully fleshed out band – and the release of the band’s full-length debut, Bright Like Neon Love quickly put the band on the international map as they opened for the likes of Franz FerdinandBloc Party and Daft Punk.

  The band’s sophomore effort, In Ghost Colours was released in 2008 to almost universal critical praise. And personally, I think their sophomore effort may arguably be one of the best albums of the past decade or so, as it deftly mixes and blurs the lines between psychedelica, synth pop and indie rock in a way that was not only absolutely perfect for the dance floor, while managing to be deeply personal in a way that pop music sometimes isn’t and won’t be – and the result was that In Ghost Colours made the band an international indie rock sensation. 

Released back in November, Free Your Mind, the band’s fourth full-length effort is a synthesis of elements from their previous three albums. Several tracks lean heavily towards house music with densely layered synths, swirling electronics, room-rattling drum beats, completed by Whitford’s lyrics about love found and claimed under neon lights and to pulsating beats in a crooning falsetto. In some degree songs like “Free Your Mind,” “We Are Explorers,” “Let Me Show You Love” and “Footsteps,” “Meet Me in a House of Love” manage to capture something that was missed on the previous effort Zonoscope – a straightforward sense of passion.  "We Are Explorers” one of my favorite songs off their latest effort bears a similarity to the layers of shimmering synths and pulsating beats of “Lights and Music” or “We Fight for Diamonds” off In Ghost Colours – but with brief bits of congo and other percussion in the background. Lyrically, it mixes the metaphor of being out on the dance floor and the endless possibility of the night – a warmly familiar theme but one that’s universal. 

The official video uses 3D printed characters and stop motion animation to portray the characters as they explore nighttime Los Angeles. It’s actually perfect suited for the song as it evokes a sense of awe and trippiness that’s within the song.