Originally begun as a duo in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canadian band CROSSS after several relocations and lineup changes is currently a Toronto, ON-based trio who have developed a reputation for crating murky, sludgy and intense dirges that are deeply inspired by porto-done, lo-fi indie rock, noise rock and metal, and as a result bear a sonic resemblance to the likes of Black Sabbath, A Place to Bury Strangers and others – but even more bottom heavy, and as though it were the sound of the very pits of hell, as you’ll hear on “Interlocutor,” one of the latest singles off the band’s forthcoming debut effort, LO.

Opening for the likes of Viet Cong, Built to Spill, Moon Duo, Thee Oh Sees, King Tuff, Dirty Beaches, Pop1280 and Oneida, the band’s debut effort, slated for a June 16 release through Telephone Explosion (awesome fucking name for a label, to be honest) has expanded their profile nationally in their native Canada, and I suspect that the effort will expand their profile internationally, as their sound is menacing, murderous and possesses a face-melting intensity. 

The terrifying and disturbing official video is comprised of a movie-like scene depicting a ritualistic crucifixion and a bloody, sacrificial murder that’s paired perfectly with the song’s foreboding, murderous menace. 

The band will be on tour to support their debut full-length effort, and it’ll include a May 23 stop at Palisades.